Featured Dams

Schu-Lar 722 of 306 255M ET
Purchased from the Schu-Lar dispersal.
722 was selected for her balanced
maternal traits. Every one of her bull
calves have made our sale pen.
Weaning ratio: 105 (7 calves)
Yearling ratio: 103 (5 calves)

Schu-Lar 917 Vivian N008 774ET
Purchased from the Schu-Lar dispersal.
917 has consistently weaned some of the
top heifers in our calf crops.
Daughter 81B in herd.
Weaning ratio: 102 (6 calves)
Yearling ratio: 100 (4 calves)

S Logic's Cowgirl 31X {DOD}

Dam Of Distinction
Dam of S Rebel 4R 73Z who was pucrchased
by Wiese and Sons and is used AI in our herd.
Daughter 32E in herd.
Weaning ratio: 106 (6 calves)
Yearling ratio: 104 (4 calves)

S Reva 4R 74Z
One of our first Revolution daughters,
74Z has become one of our best young dams.
She has 2 standout daughters in herd 83B and 55C
Weaning ratio: 104 (4 calves)
Yearling ratio: 100 (3 calves)

S Reva Ann 4R 42A
Another Revolution daughter who is a rising
star in our herd. 42A's first 2 calves were the
top ratio heifer and bull calves of their calf crop at weaning. Daughter 33E in herd.
Weaning ratio: 113 (3 calves)
Yearling ratio: 107 (2 calves)

TS Reba 73Z 87B
The first daughter out of S Rebel 4R 73Z.
A long and deep bodied cow who is currently
making a big impact in our herd.
Daughter 2D in herd
Weaning ratio: 112 (2 calves)
Yearling ratio: 104 (1 calf)